Window with WD-40 Flexible Straw System can
WD40 cartouche shape

Reach the unreachable.

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Makes the tough jobs easy

Designed to reach the unreachable, the WD-40 Flexible straw makes the tough jobs around your home easy and still contains the same great formula you know and love.

  • 1. Flexible and longer

    Flexible and longer straw to reach those difficult places

  • 2. Spray two ways

    Precision and wide spray for different usage scenarios

  • 3. 360° valve

    Use in almost any position, it even sprays upside down

  • 4. Same great formula

    A new unique product that still contains the loved WD-40 formula

  • 5. Taller, thinner can

    So you can spray one handed and even round corners

WD40 Flexible Straw System can with features

Designed for awkward and hard to reach places

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